Google Adwords Campaign Management

ABI Hosting is now offering Google Adwords Management Services to all of our hosting and web development clients. Now you can start to using the single most effective method for building your business online.

Here’s what you get with the ABI Hosting Google Adwords package:

  • $100 Free Credit to Google Adwords (new Adwords customers only)
  • New Customized Adwords campaign set up based on researched keywords relevant to your specific business
  • On-going Campaign Management and Optimization

About Google

Google is the World’s most popular and widely used search engine best known for providing the most relevant Google Adwordsresults to search queries. Now you have the opportunity to start your own Google Adwords campaign and have it set up, organized, and managed by Google Certified Experts and have it done the right way the first time without trying to guess your way through the process.

This is an on-going fee based service and we are limiting this to only current ABI Hosting clients. This includes clients of our hosting, web development, and BizFinderUSA services.

Details of our Google Adwords Management Services

We are providing this service for two uses:

  1. Lead Generation to drive more in-store traffic to your specific retail location(s); and/or,
  2. e-Commerce Sales on your website

Our Process:

First Time Account Set up:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Writing Ads and Copy
  3. Setting up Google Adwords Campaigns
  4. Optimising campaigns
  5. Setting up goals in analytics and optimising adwords spend based on goals
  6. Retargeting
  7. Landing page optimization

Ecommerce Conversion Tracking/ Goal Setup/ Custom Event Tracking:

  1. Ecommerce Conversion Tracking
  2. Linking Google Adword to Google Analytics for Detailed ROI tracking
  3. Custom dashboard creation
  4. Goals Set up : Form Submission, Click to Call button (useful for mobile), Sign up/Register tracking, ecommerce Goal Creation ( User Registration, Add to Cart, Subscription for Discount coupons) etc.

Daily Monitoring:

Using Google Adwords or any type of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can be a tremendous sales boost to your current business. Unfortunately, this is not a “set it and forget” type of process. Having an experienced Google Certified Expert monitor your campaign performance daily will assure that no unnecessary spending occurs.

Well performing keywords will be given priority and under performing keywords will be eliminated. Ad copy will be updated and fine tuned to return the best results.

Regarding e-Commerce ROI

Our process and system is designed to track the performance of every keyword. This means that we will see how many times a keyword was clicked, how much it cost in clicks, how many sales were generated by that keyword, and how much money was earned from the sale.

The ROI is then calculated by dividing the Total Sale / Total Keyword Click Cost. For example, if a keyword cost $2 per click, and it was clicked 20 times, and of those 20 clicks one sale for $100 was made, then the ROI would be $100/$40 or 2.5:1 ROI. Which means for every dollar spent you made $2.50. Subtract your Cost of Goods and you will have your net ROI.

Some of our clients also get orders over the phone that were initiated by the customer finding them on Google. We now have the technology available to track those phone calls and attribute them to the click reporting, but not to the ROI since the purchase wasn’t made through the online shopping cart.

Our Fees

We require that you spend a minimum of $100 per week. As your campaign grows, we may recommend that you increase this budget to realize a higher level of sales.

Our introductory management fee is a flat rate of $250 per month.