New Website

How do you know you need a new website? As a small business owner, chances are you already have a website, but if it hasn’t been updated in the past few months, you likely don’t have the latest technology installed to make it optimized for viewing like a new website would have on all devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

New Website
New Website Optimized for Viewing

We refer to this new technology as being “responsive”, and with the sales of mobile devices surpassing the combined sales of desktop and laptops combined, you absolutely must have your most important information optimized for viewing on tablets and smart phones.

Your website is basically an electronic brochure. It’s the “carnival barker” enticing people to step right up and see the show. In your case, it’s your business you want people to see, because you have something they need, right? And you provide the best professional services, or highest quality products, or best pricing, or …fill in the blank!

But if your potential customers can’t find you, or when they do, if they can’t see your information clearly, they’ll move on to the business that does make it easier to undertstand their offer.

Add to this all of the new developments in specially coded features, we call them “plugins”, and your new website can look and function at a level that blows away your competition.

New Website Design Services

ABI Hosting has created a new division to specifically provide an affordable new website design service for small business retailers. If you own a brick & mortar store, or medical practice, or any other type of business established within a local community and you rely on people finding your location, then you qualify for our Retail services.

We know you already have a lot to do running your business. Being there to open the doors each day, making sure employees show up on time (or at all!), payroll, ordering supplies, merchandise, paying bills – the list never stops and it all rests on your shoulders.

We get it – we’ve met with enough business owners to know you have one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs. And as much as you are an expert on your business, you can’t be expected to be an expert on everything. This includes your web presence, and this is where we can help, and where you can trust this job will got done properly by a company that has the same level of expertise in web management and new website development as you do with your business.

50% of all searches done on a mobile device are to find a local business just like yours. It’s time to get your website updated and we can help.

Whether you’re a new business and need a new website, or your current website is outdated, our experts will work with you to develop a new, responsive website optimized for viewing, optimized for search, and optimized to provide features and functions specifically tailored to attract new customers and provide a smoother process for existing customers to interact with your business.

For example, if you own a restaurant that offers take-out service, we can design an online ordering system that sends orders directly to your fax machine, freeing up your counter help from having to write everything down, read it back, make changes, etc all the while customers and the wait staff are waiting at the counter for their own orders or to pay.

Medical professionals can provide patients with an online appointment service that shows available blocks of time, sends email confirmations, and 24 hour prior appointment reminders. Other features may also include providing a robust resource library explaining diffrerent conditions with links, articles, and videos.

If you own a retail store and want to expand your customer base by also providing an online e-commerce store, we have over 15 years of e-commerce experience and can build an automated solution that will grow your sales especially during peak seasons. Product variations (size, color, style) can easily be integrated along with UPS or USPS shipping, email notifications, and more.

* One Time Development Fee: $2500-$7500
Annual Recurring Hosting: $220/year

* Every new website is different and our fee will be determined after we discuss with you your specific needs. Our consultation is free so our first step is to learn more about you and your business, and what you would like your website to do for you. We’ll provide you with our own suggestions and together develop a plan and budget guaranteed to satisfy your goals.

Give us a call or create a ticket on our support page.