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Web Hosting & Security

ABI Hosting has been providing shared and dedicated web hosting services since 1998. We continue to provide high speed, reliable hosting. Our data centers are equipped with state of the art hardware with Tier 1 connectivity. Everything has redundancy to prevent data loss and to maintain maximum up time. Additionally, all new websites now include our custom security package to prevent user spam and malware insertion.

New Responsive Website

If you never had a website, or your current website needs to be updated, then let us introduce you to a whole new world of available features and functions. Make your website an integral part of your growing business. Your website should “earn its keep” and be responsible for driving new customers to your business and provide your existing customers with a more seamless method of transacting.

Website Responsive Conversion

Have you recently made a large investment in re-doing your website only to notice that it’s hard to view on a tablet or smaller mobile device? We will convert your current website to be “responsive” on any device. This means that your website will be optimized for viewing on any sized screen. We take your existing content and design and re-express it on our responsive platform with high speed delivery.

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  • DrSmith-afterRoger and his team are phenomenal. We needed a new website that we could use to promote my practice and at the same time be a resource for my patients to learn more about the different issues and options related to corrected vision and eye diseases. A video company that specializes in producing short explanations of eye related health issues had a complte library that ABI Hosting was able to integrate into my website.Within just a few weeks our new website went live and not only does it look awesome, our customers love it too!
    Dr. Floyd Smith – Eyecare Insight

  • Steampunk 1188x916pxWe have been in the light bulb business ever since my grandfather worked for Thomas Edison. Given the resurgent popularity of the Steampunk fashion style, we decided to create a new line of custom made lamps to compliment this new demand. ABI Hosting was instrumental in designing from the ground up our entire e-commerce solution. We were absolutely blown away with their design concept. Everything related to the functionality and promotion of the website has been spectacular. We’re getting both online orders and we use the website as our online catalog when selling to distributors and retailers on the phone and in person.
    LARRY BIRNBAUM – Epic Lighting

  • MyEnt 1188x916pxWe are a full service TV production company with numerous shows airing on a variety of cable TV networks. We needed a website that would not only feature our company but also have the ability for our prospective TV networks and advertisers be able to easily view samples of our different shows on any type of device. So whether I’m in a conference room with access to a big screen display or at a lunch meeting with only my iPhone, I can quickly bring up a show and play it for them. I highly recommend ABI Hosting for any website development work!
    MICHAEL YUDIN – MY Entertainment

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